Definitions for "Caduceus"
Keywords:  hermes, wand, entwined, serpent, snake
The official staff or wand of Hermes or Mercury, the messenger of the gods. It was originally said to be a herald's staff of olive wood, but was afterwards fabled to have two serpents coiled about it, and two wings at the top.
a symbol of the healing power of the crucified Christ (John, Ch 3 V14). For the snake to release its healing power, it had to be transfixed with a golden nail and its poison drawn out. Thus for Jesus to become divine and release his healing power for the sake of Mankind, he was crucified. The serpent has always been a principal player among the noble beasts of mythology, mysticism and religion, Eastern and Western.
a staff with two serpents coiled around it and a pair of wings at the top; carried by the Greek god Hermes (known as Mercury to the Romans)
CADUCEUS was a medical expert system developed in the mid-1980s (but first begun in the 1970s- it took that long to build the knowledge base) by Harry Pople (of the University of Pittsburgh), building on Pople's years of interviews with Dr. Jack Meyers, one of the top internal medicine diagnosticians and a professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Their motivation was an intent to improve on MYCIN - which focused on blood-borne infectious bacteria - to focus on more comprehensive issues than a narrow field like blood poisoning (though it would do it in a similar manner); instead embracing all internal medicine.
Caduceus was a convict ship that transported a single convict from Bombay, India to Fremantle, Western Australia in 1858. It arrived in Fremantle on February 5 1858. The convict, Patrick Devlin, was a 31 year old soldier who had been convicted of a breach of articles of war by court-martial in Hyderabad State in December 1855, and sentenced to 14 years transportation.
Subject to falling sickness or epilepsy.