Definitions for "Cag"
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Citosina Adenina Guanina
Chair's Advisary Group
Circulation Advisory Group.
corps artillery group
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A windproof and water resistant paddling jacket. Many jackets have neoprene cuffs and waist and are breathable.
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Comité des artistes de guerre [canadien
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Comptroller and Auditor General
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See Keg.
Calibration Grism, a calibration program designation
Document developed by EPA in 1996. The CAG describes what EPA expects to see in DOE's WIPP Compliance Certification Application.
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Short ends of a trimmed branch left on a pleacher to help hold other pleachers in place.
Compensation agreed. Used to record that a failed module at level 1 has been compensated and credits awarded. Compensation for a failed module is usually only considered if the module mark is between 30% and 39%. Only applies to students governed by the 7th Edition of the Curriculum Regulations.
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carrier air wing commander