Definitions for "Cakes"
Lots of small tubes bundled & fused together, sometimes looks like a cake - hence the name. Can contain almost any type of effect. The larger display sized ones are more usually called cases, but are still made the same way.
A relative newcomer to the fireworks scene, cakes are named after their appearance. The first to appear were circular and flat but now square and octagonal are common. A cake is a series of tubes with a fuse running through the base of each tube so that they fire in sequence. Cakes can add enormous variety because they can consist of Roman candles, fountains, mines, or other types of firework. Some cakes are as big as a packing case, one of the most popular at the moment being the Poisonous Spider.
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Sweet cakes denote the advancement of the labourer. If a women dreams of wedding cake it predicts bad luck. Rich icing on cakes is foretells happy times.