Definitions for "Carmen"
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Carmen is a French opera by Georges Bizet. The libretto was written by Meilhac and Halévy, based on the story of the same title by Prosper Mérimée.
Carmen is a 1984 film directed by Francesco Rosi. It is probably the most popular film version of Bizet's popular opera "Carmen" and stars Julia Migenes in the title role, Plácido Domingo as Don José, Ruggero Raimondi as Escamillo, and Faith Esham as Micaela. Lorin Maazel conducts the Orchestre National de France.
"Carmen" is a novella by Prosper Mérimée written and first published in 1845. It has been adapted into a number of dramatic works, including the famous opera by Georges Bizet.
In Ancient Rome, the term "carmen" was generally used to signify a verse; but in its proper sense, it referred to a spell or prayer, form of expiation, execration, etc. Surviving examples include the Carmen Arvale and the Carmen Saliare.
an interpretation of a typical Andalusian house where the old orchard has been transformed into a playful space with Solarium, Swimming Pool, Covered Porch, etc
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A poem, often sung by a minstrel.
Carmen was a British-American band active from 1970–1975. Their style was a fusion of rock music and flamenco music and dance. While the band achieved some success in recording and performance, its greatest significance lies in later contributions of its members to relatively famous rock groups.
The name Carmen is a female given name. Its Hebrew and Latin roots originate from enchantment, poetry, song. It's first root, enchantment, resembles Charm", a word with a similar meaning.
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