Definitions for "Celluloid"
A substance composed essentially of gun cotton and camphor, and when pure resembling ivory in texture and color, but variously colored to imitate coral, tortoise shell, amber, malachite, etc. It is used in the manufacture of jewelry and many small articles, as combs, brushes, collars, and cuffs; -- originally called xylonite.
Light plastic, which is flammable and transparent. Due to its pearlized patina, it was commonly used in the 1920s to make bangle bracelets and combs and is still used to imitate ivory, coral, tortoise shell, and bone.
Back in the earlier years of doll making, many dolls were made from celluloid. Celluloid proved to be a very lightweight material, although the surface was hard and firm to the touch. Celluloid did have one major drawback, however, as it was also highly flammable.