Definitions for "Cesar"
Synonyms include Celar, Gros Monsieur, Picargniot, Romain and Romano. Recent (2001) DNA analysis has established that this variety is possibly a cross between Pinot Noir and Argant. Red-wine producing grape grown in area close to Chablis region of Northern Burgundy, France. Mainly blended with Pinot Noir to create a light red wine known as "Bourgogne Irancy". Also some acreages in Argentina and Chile where it is reportedly used to produce a varietal wine labeled as Cesar (?).
Cesar is a red wine grape that is grown primarily in northeastern France around Chablis and Yonne. It was first introduced to the area by Roman legionaries and is also known by the alternative name of Romain. It is a blending grape that can contribute a high level of tannin and darken colour to the wine.
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