Definitions for "Chanting"
Singing, esp. as a chant is sung.
The rhythmic repetition of sounds or words to induce an altered mental state and produce a magical effect.
The spiritual practice of repeating the Name of the Lord from one's religion of birth. See Gurukrupayoga for more information on spiritual practice according to the Path of Guru's Grace. The following quote gives the importance of chanting: There are millions of impressions in the subconscious mind and to erase even a single one takes a long time. Hence, by following observances and regulations (Yama-Niyama), a considerable period of time would elapse in overcoming the tendencies of the subconscious mind. It is more important to make efforts continuously to become one with God (Purusha), instead of trying to erase these impressions, which arise from Prakruti. This is precisely what can be achieved by chanting. The mind, intellect, subconscious mind, etc., are all constituents of Prakruti and these function according to their own characteristics. Instead of wasting the spiritual practice (sadhana) in opposing them, one would reach the goal faster if the Spiritual practice is utilised to progress towards the God-principle (Purusha-tattva), i.e., to become one with the ‘Name’ (of God) that one chants.- H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj