Definitions for "Chunking"
Moving between levels of specificity. To chunk up means to move to the bigger picture, to chunk down would be getting to greater levels of specificity.
Changing perceptions by moving up or down levels. Chunking up is going up and looking at a level that includes what you are studying. For example, looking at the intention behind a question chunks up form that question. Chunking down is going down a level to look at more specific example or part of what you are studying. For example, the first step in formulating an outcome is to phrase it in the positive.
Chunking is the way that the brain deals with complexity. Humans short term memory can retain, at most, only about 7±2 things at one time according to George A. Miller. For more information see: Chunking.
The organizing and clustering of words or numbers into appropriately-sized groups that when spoken, improve the user's ability to understand.
Pausing while reading long explanatory sentences to check understanding of each phrase or idea.
Collapsing multiple-word phrases into a single word, in the manner of acronyms.
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Piecemeal; too lazy to do the whole thing at once
The process of generating multiple HTML files (chunks) from a single DocBook document. See the section "Chunking into multiple HTML files" for more information.
In computer programming, chunking has multiple meanings.
spatial awareness of other players and positions.
dividing up a situation into important parts combining elements into usable parts
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v. Eating on the run, eating as a secondary activity.