Definitions for "Class Action"
A civil action brought by one or more individuals on behalf of themselves. The purpose of a class action is to secure a judicial remedy which not only eliminates a wrong committed against an ...
Disparate lawsuits combined by the plaintiffs in to a single action because the circumstances and defendant are identical. This saves court time and allows one judge to hear all the cases at the same time and to make one decision binding on all parties. Class action lawsuits would typically occur after a plane or train accident where all the victims would sue the transportation company together in a class action suit.
A means by which one or more individuals are able to sue for themselves and as representatives of other people. A class action requires: an identifiable group of people with a well-defined interest in the facts and law of the suit; too many people in the group for it to be practical to bring them all before the court; and the individuals bringing suit are able to adequately represent the entire group.
a civil court procedure under
a judicial procedure specific to the US and the probability for an identical law suit to take place in Europe is low
an appropriate method for the fair and efficient adjudication of this litigation for several reasons
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