Definitions for "Cleartype"
A further development of the principles used to create font software TrueType and Adobe Type 1 with the goal of generating the clearest possible typeface on computer screens. This is primarily achieved by "anti-aliasing" to smoothed lines and edges that have a staircase-like appearance due to pixels. Developed by Microsoft, Cleartype is specifically intended to improve the legibility of smaller fonts on color LCDs, such as those used or envisaged for laptop computers and electronic books.
Technology developed by Microsoft for LCD screens, such as e-books, to make onscreen reading as natural as reading from printed material. 6.7
ClearType is a new font technology that Microsoft is developing. Mr. Bill and Bill Hill (the creator of ClearType) claim that it will make future screens as easy to read as print books and will spark a revolution in e-books. ClearType works by using complicated algorithms to render characters more sharply by adding red, green and blue sub elements. For more info see MS's ClearType page