Definitions for "CLOSED END"
LEASE wherein the lessee is not expected or required to exercise an option to purchase the leased equipment. Most commonly seen in automobile leases from dealers and manufacturers. At the end of the lease the vehicle may be returned subject to mileage and condition of vehicle restrictions (which if not met can exact penalties).
The end of a line (such as a WATS 800 or foreign exchange line) from which all calls are directed to or from a single point. Private lines normally have two closed ends.
The term used in the blind threaded insert industry to describe an internal threaded insert with metal enclosing the end of the thread opposite the head. In the self-clinching fastener industry this style of part is said to be blind or have blind thread. Closed end parts are used to prevent long screws from interfering with other components or for protecting the mating threads from corrosive environments.