Definitions for "cloverleaf"
a highway interchange between two roads in which the connecting road pattern resembles a four-leaf clover, and which allows moving from one road to another without left-hand turns. One road passes over the other, and the exit from one highway and entrance into the second highway proceeds from the right-hand lane in all directions.
"A form of interchange that provides indirect right-turn movements in all four quadrants by means of loops. Generally used where the turning and weaving volumes are relatively low. This type of interchange eliminates all crossing conflicts found in a diamond interchange but requires more area. The cloverleaf type of interchange can have one or two points of entry and exit on each through roadway." (TFHRC) The complete implementation, using eight ramps, is also called a full cloverleaf. Partial cloverleafs, or parclos, involve fewer ramps. The popular six-ramp version provides two exit ramps (with left turns at the end) and four entrance ramps (all right turns). Many four-ramp parclos may be called folded diamonds, as they serve the same traffic movements as a conventional diamond.
an interchange that does not require left-hand turns
Cloverleaf is a interface engine product from the commercial company Quovadx. Cloverleaf provides typical interface engine functionality including communication connectivity, HL7 message translation and mapping, routing of HL7 messages, store and forward of HL7 messages. Gillogley services has experience in Cloverleaf interface engine based interface development and testing.
A two-dimensional representation of the structure of a tRNA molecule.
A formation used in search operations that allowed a rapid search of a large area.