Definitions for "COAT OF ARMS"
The armorial and/or other heraldic badges of an owner displayed on a cloak or shield.
The heraldic symbol of the Fraternity. It is often incorrectly called the "crest"
The heraldic device used to represent a House or individual. Coats of Arms are required of household with more than fifteen colors, and are registered with the Imperium.
a piece of heritable property and as such, the control of heraldry is strictly preserved in the law of Scotland
a very complex piece of work, with each part having a very specific purpose
a system of hereditary identification , going back to the middle ages and before
a declaration to the world that an individual belongs to a group special group whose members share a common purpose
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a visual mark of identity of an individual
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a way of setting goals (both long range as well as short term)
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