Definitions for "Collars"
There are several, a few follow here: Crewneck This type of collar is considered a 'collar-less' look on a shirt, which is characterized by a cuff-like, rounded finish. Johnny Although some variation exists, typically a traditional fashion collar sewn into a V-neck silhouette. Shawl A turned-over, continuous collar that drapes down slightly in the front. V-neck Collar that is cut in the shape of the letter 'V'. Turtleneck A tubular (some have seams in the back), close-fitting collar that covers the neck. Because of its length, it is worn either turned over or scrunched down on the neck. Mock-turtle Like a turtleneck, but this collar sits lower on the neck, does not fit as close and is not designed to be turned down.
Options which have the same payoff as the standard call expect that the upside is not unlimited but is subject to a maximum. The option buyer forgoes any payoff above this maximum.
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Pre-formed flange placed over a vent pipe (AKA vent sleeve). There are two types, lead jacks and rubber boots.
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A combination of Cap and Floor agreements that effectively places both an upper and lower limit on price or rate.