Definitions for "Commissions"
The cost that a broker will charge a client for buying/selling a financial product. Spread Bet brokers never charge commissions or fees of any kind
A percent of the total product cost paid to travel agents and other travel product distributors for selling the product to the consumer.
Payments paid to salespeople, distributors, and agents for sales generated usually calculated as a percentage of the sales volume.
the meaning for our purpose in the Diocese of Tyler is that a " commission" is a group of people given a particular responsibility (or mission) and committed to implementing a vision to initiate and support that mission - i.e. liturgical commission
This is a special license issued by the governments giving permission for a captain to attack foreign ships.
Where an artist is appointed to produce a piece of work for the organisation – for instance, video footage or a script.
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See Tips
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the acts of granting powers and/or authority