Definitions for "Common sense"
See Common sense, under Sense.
What I think. Thus, any party professing common sense is in total agreement with me. Actual, announced policies are just gravy. If particular assertions are declared to be 'common sense' then they require no testing through reason or experience.
A form of evidence that is based on conventional wisdom, tradition, or someone's personal philosophy or perspective. It is hard to judge the validity and reliability of common sense because little supporting evidence is involved. Most people judge the validity and reliability of common sense by the person citing common sends as the basis for a decision. However, common sense can be a very biased approach to decision making and means nothing more than “what is common to me makes sense.” ) Data. A character or group of characters (letters, numbers, or symbols) which represents facts or events.
At a social level -- the common understanding that is universally communicated and understood within society; the social known on any topic; the socially accepted definition for any term. At an individual level -- the ability to reduce complex to simplicity; the capacity for intellectual design.  Those that have worked through complexity and chaos to arrive at a simple view of a knowledge paradigm. Signs and Symbols
As used in the discussion of artificial intelligence, the term refers to an understanding of what is relevant to a problem.
a simple, non-self-conscious, non-rigorous use of logic
A requirement for PE. Without it you you serve the risk of injuring yourself or working for months without gaining anything beneficial.