Definitions for "Commutator"
A piece of apparatus used for reversing the direction of an electrical current; an attachment to certain electrical machines, by means of which alternating currents are made to be continuous or to have the same direction. It may be attached to the end of the spindle of an electric motor, where a brush is in contact sequentially with the parts of the spindle that conduct current to the different windings of the motor.
Mounted on the shaft of the armature, this element consists of segments or bars that are directly connected to the different phases of the motor windings. Brushes contact the bars and when the armature rotates, current is switched from one phase of the winding to the next.
Device used to change the direction of an electrical current. Alternately, a revolving part in a motor or dynamo that collects the current from or distributes it to the brushes.
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See radiosonde commutator.
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