Definitions for "CONDITIONAL OFFER"
An offer to purchase a property which is contingent on the fulfillment of certain conditions before it becomes firm and binding. Also known as "Conditional Sales Contract".
An offer made conditional, for example on availability of finance or sale of other property.
If an investor is interested in buying an IPO, he or she will give the lead manager an order for a specific amount of stock. Since most IPOs are oversubscribed, conditional offer are usually for several times what the investor really wants. On some deals, the valuation of the IPO may be an issue. In this case an investor might give a limit order for the IPO. For example, the investor might say, "I'm in up to $15", meaning they will take shares if they are priced at $15 or less.
A notice from a mortgage lender to a prospective borrower that the lender will advance mortgage funds of a specified amount under certain conditions.