Definitions for "Conductivity"
The quality or power of conducting, or of receiving and transmitting, as heat, electricity, etc.; as, the conductivity of a nerve.
This is a positive constant, k, that is a property of a substance and is used in the calculation of heat transfer rates for materials. It is the amount of heat that flows through a specified area and thickness of a material over a specified period of time when there is a temperature difference of one degree between the surfaces of the material.
The electrical property of a sheet of paper which enables it to attract charged toner. Low conductivity can result in poor image quality in digital systems.
A property of fountain solutions which, along with pH, must be monitored and controlled to maintain print quality.
A property of fountain solutions that must be controlled along with pH.
the volume rate of flow of water through the soil under a gradinet of unity; dependant soil moisture content.
a coefficient of proportionality describing the rate at which a fluid (e.g., water or gas) can move through a permeable medium. Conductivity is a function of both the intrinsic permeability of the porous medium and the kinematic viscosity of the fluid which flows through it.
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See hydraulic conductivity.
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See specific conductivity.