Definitions for "Config"
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Any file (.cfg) in which game settings or commands are stored.
a text file in Quake 2 which allows a user to drastically change his game's setup. Found in the quake2/baseq2 folder.
Your personalised settings for a given game are saved onto one or more files. This collection of settings is termed your 'config'. Knowing which settings or file(s) comprise your config makes it easy to set up a different PC to play on.
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interface| routing] [ pre| up| down| post] arguments... Modifies interface characteristics ( interface) or the routing table ( routing) either before ( pre) the link comes up, when it is up, when it goes down, or after ( post) the link is shutdown. For example: config up routing add canary gw ibis adds a route to canary using ibis as the gateway when the link is up. Allowing users to modify the routing table or interface characteristics is very dangerous. The config command is disabled in the DIP code and requires re-compilation to be enabled.
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Sends configuration notifications.
a distributed module allowing access and control from anywhere in your enterprise
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v. (HR) To arrange something.
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Short for "configuration"