Definitions for "Constructivist"
The term refers to the theory that learners construct knowledge for themselves---each learner individually (and socially) constructs meaning---as he or she learns.
One of several learning theories in which students are thought of as "empty vessels" to be filled by knowledge that children invent or construct. Constructivists believe that children assimilate new information with existing knowledge and modify the understanding in light of the new information.
An individual who aligns with a theory of learning based on the premise that knowledge is constructed by the knower. Learners are seen as actively participating in seeking meaning and arriving at conclusions through a cyclical process of discovery.
(Reber) …perceptual experience is viewed as more than a direct response to stimulation. It is instead viewed as an elaboration or ‘construction’ based on hypothesised cognitive and affective operations.
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an artist of the school of constructivism