Definitions for "Conversions"
the sub-division of residential properties into bedsits, self-contained flats or maisonettes.
The number of visitors who completed the required procedure to do business with you on your website. E.g. – buying a particular product, filling up the contact form or calling the toll free number mentioned in the website.
A conversion occurs when a commerce page is viewed by a visitor who entered your site at a campaign page. A high conversion rate indicates a successful online campaign.
Vehicles with major modfications to the body style, usually done after-market.
a spectacular PC conversion calculator designed for the demanding individual in need of quick precise calculations
A modification of a miniature from its original physical state to another. This can range from a simple weapon swap - that is, changing what weapon a model is holding - to using base components of a model to create a new and unique model.
Process in which one tape format is duplicated to another tape format. Typical application is after shooting 24P, producer may "convert" 24P" tape to a standard definition format for "Off-line" editing (see "Off-line").
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a likely offset
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See Units of Measure.