Definitions for "coverall"
Keywords:  blackout, bingo, win, whole, lersee
A game in which you must have every number on the card to win. Also known as a blackout.
(Also known as Blackout) A pattern where the player needs to check the whole Bingo card to win.
See Blackout
a loose-fitting one-piece garment that is worn over other clothing, especially one with trouser-like pants legs.
A one-piece garment designed to cover the wearer completely with the exception of the head, feet, and hands. Go to top thylene Oxide (ETO) A gas used for sterilization of mainly polypropylene based materials. Go to top
Keywords:  mylar, hoop, barns, tubular, opaque
A brand name, but commonly referring to any of a group of hoop type barns with opaque or mylar fabric covers over a tubular steel frame.