Definitions for "Credo"
The creed, as sung or read in the Roman Catholic church.
any system of principles or beliefs
a formal statement of beliefs, principles or opinions
Credo is an album by the swedish singer Carola Häggkvist. It was released in May 2004 in Sweden and Norway.
Originally a specific manufacturer of PG based humidification devices for humidors, the term credo is now often used for any humidification devices which chemically regulated the humidor's environment.
a strategy consultancy advising leading international companies
a strategy consulting firm working with today's most forward thinking companies
Third item of the Ordinary of the Mass.
A section of the Mass; the third musical movement of the Ordinary.
The third of the principal movements of the Mass.
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a reminder that we are each in the business of figuring out what we believe and trying to live it
A corporate philosophy that guides the way a company does business.
A project to develop a single point of configuration and administration for user management on Unix systems, independent of the protocols actually used.