Definitions for "CrissCross "
Keywords:  cross, contrarily, cpu, hindrance, mark
CrissCross is a small cross-platform C++ library for threading, console and file I/O, CPU identification , and sockets . The main goal is to provide the ability to write a program using identical calls on the major platforms without needing to rewrite code.
A light-weight cross platform C++ library for threading, I/O, CPU identification , and sockets .
A mark or cross, as the signature of a person who is unable to write.
Crisscross is the eighth volume in a series of Repairman Jack books written by American author F. Paul Wilson. The book was first published by Gauntlet Press in a signed limited first edition (2004) then later as a trade hardcover from Forge (October 2004) and a mass market paperback from Forge (June 2006).