Definitions for "Crumble"
Keywords:  oats, crisp, dessert, flour, baked
An English term for crisp, usually made with oats.
verb - To break between the fingers into small, irregular pieces. noun - A baked dessert consisting of a bottom layer of fruit and a sweet crumbly topping of oats, flour or other grains.
A crumble is a dish of British origin containing stewed fruit topped with a crumbly mixture of fat (usually butter), flour, and sugar. The crumble is baked in an oven until the topping is crisp. It is often served with custard, cream or ice cream as a hearty, warm dessert after a meal.
To break into small pieces; to cause to fall in pieces.
To fall into small pieces; to break or part into small fragments; hence, to fall to decay or ruin; to become disintegrated; to perish.
fall apart; "the building crimbled after the explosion"; "Negociations broke down"
Short for chicken feed, usually the "main course" type. Named because of the small, granular texture of the feed. Comes in formulas specifically for chicks, for started pullets and cockerels (also called "grower" formula), and for layers.
Keywords:  favoured, bite, bowler, spin, pitch
Refers to the state of the pitch, usually late in a game after experiencing considerable wear. A crumbling pitch is often favoured by a spin bowler, as it will allow the ball more bite and turn.