Definitions for "Customization"
Keywords:  rebinding, keymaps, emacs, alter, minor
Customization means making changes to the way the editor works. The editor can be customized both in the short and long term to suit the users requirements. Short term customization involves altering the way the editor works for the duration of an editing session by using standard editor commands, while long term customization involves programming the editor.
Customization is making minor changes in the way Emacs works. It is often done by setting variables (see section AD.2 Variables) or by rebinding key sequences (see section AD.4.1 Keymaps).
The process of changing settings to alter the appearance and behavior of the desktop and applications running on the desktop.
The modification of a portal page or portlet by a user. WebSphere Portal Server enables a user to customize a portal page by modifying the page layout and by selecting which portlets will display per device. Compare with personalization and portlet configuration.
Providing a uniquely tailored product for a customer. On a web portal this usually means that you can select a wide variety of choices - the colour scheme you like to see, the arrangement of items on a page, the news sources you prefer, and so on. As each choice is made independently, there can be thousands of possible combinations. See also personalization.
The ability to tailor components within the 20/20 Insight GOLD program.
Off the rack software seldom does exactly what an institution needs. Changing it to do that is customization. Customization can be expensive and makes updating the software more difficult. For that reason the Brandeis PeopleSoft Implementation will limit customization as much as possible. Where possible, we will change a Brandeis business practice to fit the software rather than changing the software to fit our practices.
Modification by an institution of aspects of a digital reference service to meet the institution's individual specifications. Customizable aspects usually include local files and messages for patrons. See also download page; local files; scripts.
The modification or addition of features by users as per their requirements. This can include adding new fields and generating custom reports(Welcome Software Technology, 1993).
Refers to extra wide, extra long and customer specific mat configurations. Most of our anti-fatigue mats can be customized to conform to any size or shape. Look for the associated with a product means that the mat can be customized.
(1.) In the Network Installation Management (NIM) environment, this is optional software installation. (2.) The process of describing optional changes to defaults of a software program that is already installed on the system and configured so that it can be used. Contrast with configuration.
The process of designing or configuring a device, installation or network, to meet the requirements of particular users.
The process of customizing a guest operating system in a virtual machine as it is being either deployed from a template or cloned from another existing virtual machine. Customization options include changing the new virtual machine identification and network information.