Definitions for "Cutover"
The point in time a new system is implemented and the old system is discontinued.
The process by which we stop using existing systems and start using Parnassus.
Transfer of data from the SAP quality assurance system, as well as legacy data in a customer's previous system, to the SAP production system. The cutover activities are specified in the ASAP Cutover Plan and include setting up and initializing the production system, closing legacy systems and manually entering data in the new system.
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The Coupe.
The exact date/time that a phone number, circuit, etc. is scheduled to be (or was) moved from one implementation (carrier, etc.) to another. (e.g. moving an 800 number from MCI to LDDS WorldCom).
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The event or action that takes place when the product, service, or project element contract ed for by the client is placed in operation or turned over to the client (i.e. transferred to the ├»care, custody and control├Ź of the users.) [D00476] 07 374
Successful completion of installation and placement into service at the customer site.
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Land that has previously been logged.