Definitions for "cwm "
Keywords:  welsh, lhotse, nuptse, corrie, valley
A Welsh word for high valley. In the case of Everest, it is the high valley formed by the west shoulder of Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse.
(pronounced coom) A valley on the side of a hill or mountain.
(From: Closed world machine; valley.) A bit of code for playing with this stuff, as grep is for regular expressions. Sucks in RDF in XML or N3, processes rules, and spits it out again.
Keywords:  xeye, evilwm, landfills, cisco, novel
cwm is a window manager for X11 that was initially inspired by evilwm. It has several novel features, including the ability to search for windows and a very simple and attractive aesthetic.
Company Wealth Management; check out xeye at
Cisco WAN Manager
Common Warehouse Metadata. A repository standard used by Oracle data warehousing, and decision support. The CWM repository schema is a standalone product that other products can share—each product owns only the objects within the CWM repository that it creates.
Common Warehouse Model
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Chemical Warfare Materiel
Keywords:  museum, canadian, war
Canadian War Museum
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Custom Wall Monitor (passive in-wall)