Definitions for "Data Capture"
Keywords:  edc, printout, capture, readable, crt
Caller responses to voice prompts are captured and stored for various uses.
Those techniques for converting data from non-computer formats (video tape, photographs, line drawings, pages of text) into a digital form that can be processed by a computer.
Method of converting data from non-electronic data carriers (paper, microfiche, artwork, etc.) into a form which allows processing by computer.
Recording data (names, PIN numbers, tick boxes etc) from reply paid cards, surveys, questionnaires etc.
Keywords:  cadu, mission, receipt, storage, return
The receipt and storage of return link mission data at the CADU level.
Biometric systems: acquisition of the initial raw data necessary for subject identification, verification, etc. _____________________________________________________________________________
Recording details of customers' interaction, whether active or passive, with retail media systems
Keywords:  keying
Keying-in of data into a database.