Definitions for "Data Card"
A credit-card sized PC Card (also known as a PCMCIA card) which allows a computer to send messages over the GSM / DCS 1800 cellular network using a mobile phone. For a GSM / DCS 1800 Data Card you need a Class II or Class III card slot in your computer.
The portion of the identification card containing the company name, cardholder's name and other printed or graphic information. In the ID-4 System, the data card is inserted in the camera and photographically reproduced on the same sheet of film with the cardholder's portrait for added security.
The vehicle's "Data Card" is the original build specification sheet (written in German) which lists the date of manufacture, as well as all standard and optional equipment installed at the factory.  The data includes the interior & exterior colors, tire manufacturer, engine number, radio, and much more.
an industrywide way of providing standardized information on every list
Information/description of a specific mailing list - source, type of buyers, titles (if appropriate), recency of list, prices, selection options, etc. Available from brokers or list owners.