Definitions for "Data stream"
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(DS) A bundle of 64 time slots transmitted across a single line. The 16 data lines of the SCbus and the SCxbus are designated DS0 through DS15 and each carries one data stream.
Collections of data files that have a common source and structure are called data streams A data stream name consists of a first part with abbreviations for the site, data source, and facility, a period, and a second part indicating the data level. A data stream describes a type of file from a particular location. A data stream is actually broken up into daily pieces (or rarely, longer-period pieces). The pieces are files with the same basic name structure but differing in time. Example of Data Stream: sgp15ebbrE12.a1 -**-*-***-** -* | | | | `----data level - the level of data processing | | | `--------facility name (e.g., E12 - extended facility No.12) | | `------------abbreviation for instrument name (e.g., ebbr - Energy Balance Bowen Ratio(EBBR) station: surf. met&soil data for heat flux) | `--------------## - time integration instrument parameter `-----------------site (e.g., sgp - Southern Great Plains) Click here to view ARM Archive's Catalog of Data Streams (The information in this catalog is current as of March 11, 2003 )
An undifferentiated, byte-by-byte flow of data. A data stream can be distinguished in practice from a block transfer, although the moving of blocks could itself be considered a “stream” (of coarser granularity).
a continuous sequence of attribute-value tuples that all conform to some pre-defined schema (sequence of typed attributes)
a logical group of one or more event channels, one or more suppliers, a single consumer, intermediate query driven computation called quoblets, and a relational schema
a massive unbounded sequence of data elements continuously generated at a rapid rate
The flow of individual data bits being transmitted through a communications channel to accomplish the transfer of information.
All the data transmitted through a particular communication line for a particular program, operation or scheduled transmission.
All data transmitted through a communications line in a single read or write operation.
a logical link between one stage and another that provides for the transfer of messages
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a kind of "file within a file
All information transferred over a network at any given time.