Definitions for "DEATH NOTICE"
a brief listing of someone's passing
a classified advertisement written and paid for by the family of the deceased, and sent to newspapers by the funeral home as part of its full-service package
a type of classified ad that runs in the paper that you can pay for and place into it any type of information concerning the funeral that you choose
a paid announcement, an obituary is usually printed without charge
a paid announcement that provides information concerning the death of an area resident, a former resident, or a relative of a resident
a short mention of a person's death, differentiated from an obituary by its brevity.
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Contact notifying KPERS of a member's death. The notice should include the member's full name, social security number, spouse's name and address, if the check was going to the bank, the date of death, the name of the person who contacted us and their address, phone number, and the date we were notified.
a particular paid listing, often supplied on behalf of you by means of the attending mortuary
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a shock and a pain and yet patients can derive benefit from being told the truth even about their own death