Definitions for "Death spiral"
Keywords:  skate, pivot, ice, anchor, circle
A pairs spin in which the man stands as the anchor in a pivot position while holding his partner's hand as she spins, body extended low and parallel to the ice, around him.
In pairs skating, a difficult and crowd-pleasing move in which the male holds his partner's hand and pulls her in a circle around him; the female glides on one foot, with her body nearly horizontal to the ice.
A popular skating move with the man in a pivot position, one toe anchored in the ice. Holding his hand, the woman circles her partner, leaning backwards, her body parallel to the ice.
Mechanics which have positive feedback. More specifically, this refers to wound mechanics which give a penalty to all combat rolls. This means that once wounded, a character is more likely to be wounded again, and soon there is an inexorable progression to defeat. References: Techniques for Action Pacing in RPGs Gamism: Step on Up
The potentially destructive cycle that may occur in an indemnity plan as a result of increased HMO penetration. The process can occur if indemnity plan rates continuously escalate because healthier and younger employees choose HMOs, leaving less healthy individuals in experience-rated indemnity plans. Employer contribution strategies and HMO pricing techniques may aggravate the problem.
Death spiral is a term used to describe an insurance plan whose costs are rapidly increasing as a result of changes in the covered population. It is the result of adverse selection in insurance policies where lower risk policy holders choose to change policies or be uninsured.