Definitions for "Deconvolution"
An algorithm-based method for eliminating noise and improving the resolution of digital data. For example, deconvolution algorithms are used to remove out-of-focus haze from confocal microscope images.
an image processing technique that removes features in an image that are caused by the telescope itself rather than from actual light coming from the sky. (See also text in deconv.)
An iterative image processing filter that uses Fourier transform mathematics to restore a blurred image as nearly as possible to an unblurred state.
Action of extracting the molecular mass from the distribution of multiply charged ions of the molecule of interest.
isolating the active compound out of a natural product mixture. [CUB
Mathematical procedure to separate out the overlapping effects of molecules such as mixtures of compounds in a high-throughput screen, or mixtures of cDNAs in a high density array.