Definitions for "Deed Restriction"
Keywords:  covenant, impose, clause, deed, dictate
A legal restriction placed on a property deed to restrict future uses of a contaminated property. For example, a deed restriction may prohibit future housing development on a contaminated industrial site, or prohibit use of contaminated groundwater on a piece of property.
Clauses included in a property deed which restrict the property owner's use of the land. Often, the term is used to refer to deed restrictions which are intended to preserve land for agricultural use. Such deed restrictions typically prohibit the property owner from developing the land in such a way that the land is irretrievably lost to farming. Commonwealth agencies and County governments can create farmland deed restrictions under the authority of PA Act 43, PA Act 442, or PA Act 1981-48. Conservation organizations can also create deed restrictions through normal real estate transactions.
Restrictions placed on use of real property by writing in a deed to control use and occupancy of the property by future owners. Example: Developers often place deed restrictions that require that all structures have a brick exterior.