Definitions for "Denaturation"
Breakdown by chemical or physical means of the noncovalent interactions, such as hydrogen bonds, that maintain the secondary and higher levels of structure of proteins and nucleic acids.
Loss of activity of an enzyme or nucleic acid molecule as a result of structural changes induced by heat or other means.
Dramatic change in conformation of a protein or nucleic acid caused by heating or by exposure to chemicals and usually resulting in the loss of biological function.
Denaturation of fissile materials suitable for nuclear weapons is the process of transforming them into a form that is not suitable for weapons use and can not easily be reversely transformed. For Uranium 235 this is easy, by mixing it with Uranium 238, but for plutonium it is more difficult and/or less effective, because other plutonium isotopes are either also suitable for weapons or not available and not practical to produce, while mixing with another element allows chemical separation.
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