Definitions for "dents"
This is damage done to the edges of the hardbound cover. Not to be confused with Bumped. [Back to the Top
Damage to the edges of the cover of hardcover books, also referred to as "bumping at edges" or "edges bumped".
a normal modifier which makes an object look like a gorilla had at it with a sledgehammer. The amount of denting can be adjusted between "baby gorilla" and "psychopathic gorilla". ( Language Reference) ( Exploration Tool)
dents is a server implementation of the Internet's Domain Name System with a focus on security, maintability and extensibility via modules.
Dents is a from-scratch implementation of the server side of the DNS protocol, sharing no code with any other project. Among its several features are compatibility with named, a modular driver system and an extensible control facility which allows the administrator to control the running server.
Keywords:  remedied, shallow, wet, swell, iron
A shallow dent can be remedied by dropping a small amount of water into the dent, covering it with a sheet of brown paper, and heating it with an electric iron. The wet, hot wood fibers swell and rise to fill the dent.