Definitions for "Designers"
The French fashion houses with established reputations continued to play a leading role in the post-war years. Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Molyneux, Pierre Balmain and Coco Chanel continued to have a powerful impact, as did the great British designers, for example, Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies. French designers of the 1960s were attracted to the British fashion ideals of youth and dynamic urban living, typified by the mini, they included Yves Saint Laurent, Andres Courreges, Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin. Leading British fashion designers of the period include Mary Quant, Barbara Hulanicki (Biba) and Jean Muir.
A person who designs high-fashion clothing and accessories. Often the designer is also the manufacturer of the clothing and/or fashion accessories associated with the name of the individual designer.
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Create and modify courses after the administrator creates them. Designers can also allocate shared designers to help with course creation.
Those who create designs. The world would be poorer without designers. As printers we know that we have to Proof a design to the client to ensure that the Artwork supplied will produce the result the client is expecting.
people who are employed to create design ideas for a client