Definitions for "detailing"
Personal selling activities by pharmaceutical manufacturer sales representatives. The representatives inform prescribers, pharmacists, and others about the specifics or details of their firms' products, thus the label "detailing." Sales representatives often leave samples of products for prescribers for trial use among their patients, to stimulate future prescribing.
Traditionally involves sending printed materials (e.g., brochures) to physicians that contain data on the clinical trials results of a particular drug's effects on humans as well as other dosage, safety and marketing information pertaining to the drug. Detailing may include limited comparisons with competitors' drugs and is increasingly being integrated into multi-media formats, such as promotional videos.
The practice by which pharmaceutical representatives market drugs to physicians. Some pharmas are turning to the Internet to perform detailing, with the ultimate goals of reduced cost and increased effectiveness. See e-detailing.
Thorough cleaning, esp. of the interior of automobiles.
Detailing is one of the most important steps in building an authentic looking model. Each model builder must define the level of detailing he or she wants to strive for. Some may be satisfied with adding detail to a kit by patiently painting all the various components, trim, interior components, etc., to achieve the desired level of realism. Other builders may go several extra steps, adding aftermarket detail items like photo-etched grilles, more realistic wheels, etc. There are some builders who go all-out, adding wiring to the engine compartment, brake and fuel lines, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to detailing, and the only restriction is the individual builder's level of expertise.
Final cleaning both inside and outside of vehicle, application of pinstripes, removal of overspray from underhood, trunk lids etc. as well as polishing
Any material applied to the sock body after manufacture, such as lace, stitched monograms or insignia, fringes, sewn-on cuffs, etc.
Refers to our planning special refinements of a shoe, such as fine or fancy stitching.
The intensive process of determining specifying and listing every detail and dimensions on working drawings.
The intricate construction around the perimeter of a flat roof.
The actual work of planning and drawing the different parts and the connections of any structure. The smaller parts of any construction, speaking of them as a class.
The posting of all transactions of a client's pledged accounts receivable to the records maintained by the lender. Detailing should agree with client's subsidiary ledger at each periodic examination.
Detailing is a process of expanding the amount of information about a topic in an external representation.
description of something in detail.
an individualized description of a particular instance