Definitions for "DfT"
Density-functional theory. Ab initio method not based upon a wavefunction. Instead, the energy is computed as a functional of the electron density. Sometimes called Kohn-Sham theory. The correct functional has not yet been found, but many approximations are in use.
(Density Functional Theory) ab initio electronic method from solid state physics. Tries to find best approximate functional to calculate energy from e- density. Scales as 2nd power times a large number. Static correlation built in. Not variational. Believed to be size consistent.
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The resultant film thickness of a coating after it has reached its final state of dry or cure.
Dry Film Thickness. The thickness of the dry paint film.
Dry film thickness. The mil thickness when coating has dried.
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De Financië le Telegraaf
Design-for-Testability. The insertion into an SoC design of non-functional logic used to exercise functional logic, and extract subsequent data, in order to determine the existence and location of any logic faults introduced during manufacturing.
Decayed, indicated for extraction, or filled primary teeth
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Discrete Fourier Transform
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3270 DFT terminal emulation
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Director of Flying Training
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Demand Flow Technology
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Design for Test