Definitions for "Diabolo"
An old game or sport (revived under this name) consisting in whirling on a string, fastened to two sticks, a small somewhat spool-shaped object (called the diabolo) so as to balance it on a string, toss it in the air and catch it, etc.
a juggling-related implement that is comprised of one main spool that is whipped and whirled on a string that is attached to two sticks, which are held by the juggler
Chinese spinning top popularised in England during the Victorian times. Well known as an 'egg cup on string' by non-jugglers. Nothing to do with the devil at all, the name comes from a verb that roughly translates as 'to throw across'. Editor of The Catch.
Keywords:  christan, lucifer, manga, japan, plot
Diabolo is a Christan-based manga that takes place in Japan. The plot is very simple. There are six great spirits that serve Lucifer, each of which has a hand in destroying the world.