Definitions for "Diakonos "
Diakonos is a customizable, usable console-based text editor. It features arbitrary language scripting, bookmarking, regular expression searching, parsed indentation, macro recording and playback, a multi-element clipboard, multi-level undo, a customizable status line, completely customizable keyboard mapping, and customizable syntax highlighting.
Diakonos is a customizable, usable curses-based (console-based, or text-based) text editor. It was developed with the intention of being easier to configure and use than Emacs, more powerful than Pico and Nano, and not as cryptic as vi or ex.
Keywords:  agape, waiter, supper, deacon, servant
servant, waiter; toward the end of the first century CE, this word comes to denote a specific group of people within the Christian community who are in charge of celebrating the Lord's Supper, the agape feast; deacon
Diakonos is a Web Portal , Groupware and Administrative tool for churches and communities. The goal is a tool which publish information, integrate people and help in the administration of resources.