Definitions for "Digital8"
Keywords:  camcorder, sony, tape, analog, glitches
Digital8 is not really a blank media format — instead, Digital8 camcorders actually use inexpensive and easy-to-find 8mm and Hi8 cassettes for recording and playback. A 120-minute Hi8/8mm tape yields one hour of recording when used with a Digital8 camcorder, giving you essentially the same stunning picture quality as you get with Mini DV (500 lines of horizontal resolution). 8mm and Hi8 cassettes are medium-sized; that is, smaller than VHS, but larger than Mini DV. When deciding between Hi8 and 8mm for your Digital8 camcorder, keep in mind that the digital video quality on Hi8 and 8mm is the same. However, spending a little extra on better-quality Hi8 cassettes may reduce tape glitches over time.
DV compression format that can record to standard Hi8 and 8mm tapes. Although most Digital8 camcorders can play back analog Hi8 and 8mm tapes, they cannot record analog signals.
Originally marketed, by Sony, as the bridge between digital video (DV) and analog tapes (8mm, video 8, Hi8), the Digital8 recording format uses DV compression to store data digitally on 8mm tape.