Definitions for "Direct Pay"
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Subscribers who are billed individually and pay premiums directly to the Plan. Frequently these subscribers are referred to as non-group members.
Direct Pay is the term describing direct billing of annuitants or insurance continuants for their insurance coverage by an insurance carrier. It applies to those WRS members who continue their state group life or health insurance after termination of employment or retirement and who are not receiving a monthly WRS benefit or are receiving a benefit that is not large enough to pay the premiums.
If your employer does not provide medical insurance and you cannot get it through an association (or as a self-employed individual), you may have to purchase insurance on your own. The rules governing the availability of this coverage are different in each state. Premiums are generally higher, and benefits offered are sometimes less extensive than through a group plan. Please Note: There is one national rule. If you have had 18 months of employment-based health coverage and you have exhausted all your rights to COBRA coverage (or other rights to continue on any other employment-based health plan), then any insurer selling individual coverage in your state must sell you a policy, regardless of your medical condition or vocation.