Definitions for "directorate"
The office of director; also, a body of directors taken jointly.
The various Laboratory organizations (e.g., departments, divisions, groups, programs, projects, or offices) operating under the authority and management of a specific associate director (AD). This may also include equivalent organizations in the LLNL structure (i.e., Laboratory Site Operations).
the office or position of a director
Services in NHS organisations are usually grouped into directorates. Medical services (e.g. psychiatry) are grouped into the Medical Directorate. Nursing staff and services make up the Nursing Directorate.The way in which directorates are organised changes from Trust to Trust.
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same as board of directors
The eight-member executive board of the Bundesbank ( q.v.). Its members sit on the Central Bank Council ( q.v.).
Hospitals are split into departments, which are often called directorates. eg Directorate of Medicine, Directorate of Pharmacy.
Individuals elected by a corporations shareholders to oversee the management...
a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution