Definitions for "Discretionary Funds"
They are grant funds whose distribution is not automatic. Decisions on the distribution of discretionary funds are made on the basis of a donor or trustee’s choice or judgment.
Grants that are allocated according to a funder's judgment rather than according to a pre-established guideline or set of criteria.
Discretionary funds or budgets are pools of money set aside for specific people on campus to support projects that arise through-out the year. These are very flexible budgets that can vary in sizes. The Chief Academic Officer may use their funds to support a student research project or development of a new class. The Dean of Students may give small grants for unique collaborative events sponsored by a number of clubs on campus. The key question you must answer when applying for funds from these budgets is how your event/project will benefit the greater campus. College deans and department chairs may also have discretionary funds in their budgets.
Money that has not been earmarked for specific items and can be allotted at the discretion of an administrator.