Definitions for "Diseases"
illness, medical conditions
An NIH institute that conducts and supports research to study the causes of allergic, immunologic, and infectious diseases, and to develop better means of preventing, diagnosing, and treating illnesses. NIAID is responsible for the federally funded, national basic research program in AIDS. It supports basic research, epidemiology, and natural history studies; blood screening tests; drug discovery and development; vaccine development and testing; and treatment studies, some directly and some through contracts and cooperative agreements with other institutions. It administers the Adult and Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trial Group (ACTG) network of testing units at hospitals around the country and the Community Programs for Clinical Research on AIDS (CPCRA), a community-based network of AIDS treatment research centers.
A list of by-gone and technical medical terms such as one might find on a death certificate, military medical record or published sources. Now in four parts.
diseases - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Keywords:  whitespot, dropsy, rot, fin, fungus
Dropsy, Whitespot, fin-rot, Fungus - these are just some of the more common diseases that a fish can be attacked by. See my Diseases table.
sexually transmitted diseases, also called venereal diseases.
Fungi, bacteria or viral infections of plants or animals
Diseases are abnormalities of function and structure in organisms.