Definitions for "Dissimilation"
Keywords:  consonant, labio, dondo, amabel, ohala
a linguistic process by which one of two similar sounds in a word becomes less like the other; "the Old French MARBRE became the English MARBLE by dissimilation"
The process by which one sound influences the articulation of a neighboring sound so that the sounds become less similar or more distinct; for example, the Pre-Shona *bwa "dog" became bpa in Shona, as the labio-velar *w became velar when following a labial (Ohala as cited in McMahon, p.16).
Making different. A sound occurring in close proximity to a similar sound may change to achieve better differentiation, eg Latin ROTUNDU Sp dondo.
actualization of opposing afferent semes in two occurrences of the same sememe or in two “parasynonymous” sememes.
The decomposition or transformation of an organic substrate to yield energy for use by the organism or organisms.
breakdown of more complex substances into simpler ones with release of energy
Keywords:  act, making
The act of making dissimilar.