Definitions for "DOCTORS"
sometimes perform hair removal, usually electrolysis or laser. Certain types of hair such as those in moles or warts should be cleared only with a physicians's approval. Some states require that doctors only can perform laser hair removal, while others merely require a doctor to be present.
Physicians and all graduates of any faculty or school of medicine in any medical field (including practice, teaching, administration and research).
Apart from your own doctor (GP - General Practitioner) there are many different kinds who could visit or who you might meet in hospital depending on what the problem is. e.g. psychiatrist, psycho-geriatrician, neurologist, etc - they are all specialists in a different part of medicine and you are quite entitled to ask them what they do.
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Moravian Doctors are hard to spot for most of the time, but during services they may be identified by their bright, nay gaudy, gowns and/or headphones. Cries of "Let me through, I'm a doctor", should be ignored unless it's THEIR round and they are going TOWARDS the bar.
Doctors is a BBC daytime soap opera, which started in 2000. It is produced by BBC Birmingham and screened on BBC One. It tells the story of the staff at the fictional Mill Health Centre.
doctors are sadly uninformed when it comes to piercings. Trust your piercer. And never take the ring out of an infected piercing. if your piercer is not helpful you should in all cases contact your doctor
Profession outside of the legions was considered long an unworthy job.